JPDFAssemble Sample  v.1 5

jPDFAssemble Sample is a Java library that assembles any PDF files. With jPDFAssemble, you can combine, merge or split PDF documents. With this program you can also add or manipulate bookmarks in PDF documents.

Directors NoteBook Sample Data - 2  v.2

This file contains sample data for easy import into any Directors NoteBook Software product including Demo versions (except Directors Boards Free which is not compatible). This is very useful for demo users as well as licensed Directors NoteBook


Social Viewer Sample  v.

Sample application that displays information from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and RSS about Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft Cloud BI Sample  v.

This is a sample App for WP7 that demonstrates Microsoft Cloud BI by leveraging Windows Azure, SQL Azure and WP7 native capabilities. When you start the App, login with "demo" and "Microsoft1" as your user name & password credentials.

Sample Purchase Order  v.

Best of Sample Purchase Order software from empowers you to maintain sales and purchase order details for a company within simplified manner.

Sample to MB  v.2.1.2

Sample to MB calculates the Disk space needed for harddisk recording.

Sample Manager  v.3.1.3

Sample Manager is the first full-featured batch audio file processor for Mac OS X.

DDD sample application  v.rc

Domain-Driven Design sample application implementation

Sampsize - sample size and power  v.0.6.0

Sampsize computes sample size and power for surveys, comparative studies including non-inferiority trials and case-control studies.

Virtix Sample Pack  v.1.3

Three free sample effects for iMovie: Extreme Black & White, Flame, and Letterbox:Add fire to your iMovies with the Flame effect, which lets you add flames to the foreground of your image and control their intensity.

AvisMap GIS Engine Sample Projects  v.5.0

AvisMap GIS Engine is the basic development platform for AvisMap GIS suites, which is a new generation component GIS development platform for GIS application developers.

Do It Yourself Sample Templates  v.1.0

As their name suggest, these templates are designed to let you import your own samples and access almost limitless sonic possibilities.

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